Police Department Mission Statement and Message from the Director:


The Middletown Police Department is dedicated to pursuing any criminal activity, threat and challenge to the quality of life in our Borough.  In the pursuit of a higher quality of life, the Middletown Police Department dedicates to the core values of community, commitment, integrity and trust.


I am thrilled for the opportunity to serve the Borough of Middletown as the new Public Safety Director.  To serve in this capacity is the highlight of my career.  The Director role presents the opportunity to blend my lifetime of service in the military, police, fire, public administration and maritime security realms.  I am eager to bring my record of service to Middletown to foster an exciting and harmonious work environment.

The strength of any community is its people.  Middletown is a Borough of people, leaders and employees with many strengths, talents and unique skill sets.  I look forward to meeting the public safety professionals, residents of the community, Borough employees, Council members and learning from the many talented people who work hard to make this area special.  It is my goal to establish collaborative relationships with PA State Police, surrounding municipalities and key community stakeholders.

I believe we, as public safety professionals, are at our best when we serve.  My philosophy on service is based upon four core values:  community, commitment, integrity and trust.  A community thrives when all members are respected and included.  Employees, staff and leadership reaches its maximum potential when those involved are committed to the goal of making things better.  Integrity and trust are the foundation of building an organization.  We will build integrity and trust with the tools of open communication, accountability and transparency.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve.  I humbly accepted this role with the mindset to serve this Borough.  I look forward to meeting you and helping to build upon the talent already present in this community.  I offer you my pledge that I will work to serve you.  I will subscribe to the core values of:  community, commitment, integrity and trust.  I will dedicate each day to the pursuit of the highest quality of life for the Borough of Middletown.


William M. Baldwin, Public Safety Director