Bulk Item & Yard Waste Collection Programs to Resume

Although Penn Waste is still working with a depleted workforce, they will be resuming yard waste and bulk item collection programs.
Yard Waste collections will resume beginning on May 2. The yard waste collections will follow your regularly scheduled collection schedule for May. If you do not know when your yard waste collection is scheduled, you can find out by visiting the Penn Waste website – https://www.pennwaste.com/for-your-home/municipalities/.
We understand that customers may have yard waste ready to be collected, but we ask that residents hold until their next regularly scheduled collection day and place a reasonable amount of yard waste curbside. Penn Waste will not be able to collect an unlimited amount of yard waste from each home, so by asking residents to place a reasonable amount curbside, it will ensure that the entire route is completed.
Bulk item collection will resume on Monday, May 4 on your next regularly scheduled collection day. One bulk item per week per residence will be collected in order to make sure routes are finished in a timely manner.