Did you know grass clippings, yard wastes and other wastes should not be discharged into storm drains?

It is illegal to dump, sweep, rake or blow grass clippings and yard waste into drains, ditches and streets.

When it rains, the waste is washed into the storm drainage system and gets clogged.  When storm drains, ditches and streets become clogged due to excessive sediment/debris build up, flooding occurs.

Expensive equipment and labor are required to find and remove clogs in drainage systems and ditches.  Yard and household wastes suffocate plants growing on the creek banks and in ditches.  Exposed dirt or barren ground next to storm inlets, drains, or ditches are potentially damaging during rainstorms as it erodes the dirt/soil, washing them into the storm drainage system.  Dirt can clog spawning areas for fish and cover the water channel floor resulting in fish food being covered and the fish unable to sustain life.