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Three Mile Island

Three Mile Island Generating Station is a close neighbor to the Borough. The island, so named because it lies three miles from Middletown's Centre Square, has become more than just a neighbor and employer of Middletown residents. It's name has entered the lexicon of world history due to the events of 1979.

On March 28, 1979, and for several days thereafter - as a result of technical malfunctions and human error - Three Mile Island's Unit 2 Nuclear Generating Station was the scene of the nation's worst commercial nuclear accident. Radiation was released, a part of the nuclear core was damaged, and thousands of residents evacuated the area. Events here would cause basic changes throughout the world's nuclear power industry. Since, 1979 no nuclear power plant has been made operational in the United States.

Middletown Borough and our surrounding townships enjoy and excellent working relationship with the current operators of the facility.

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