Days of detours become days of the past

Detour signs on Main Street came down Monday afternoon as crews wrapped up work on the final phase of the Route 230 Infrastructure Project to require excavation.

Work will continue on the rehabilitation of the old sewer main pipes under the street. However that work will involve lining those pipes with a resin-coated, cure in place material to essentially create a new, corrosion-resistant pipe inside the old pipe.

That work will be done through man holes and will not require any full road closures. There does remain one small area on the east side of the Borough where some further excavation may be needed to enable the lining process due to extreme deterioration of the pipes in that area. It is not yet known if that repair, which services just a few customers, will require any detour.

With the excavation and detours out of the way, PennDOT is expected to soon start advance work for its upcoming Route 230 paving project. Crews are expected to soon begin working to install ADA compliant ramps at the intersections along Main Street. PennDOT reportedly has already begun milling and repaving Route 230 east of Middletown in Londonderry Township.

By completing the infrastructure project ahead of PennDOT’s paving efforts, the Borough saved an estimated $250,000 in asphalt costs alone, according to Josh Fox, of HRG, the Borough’s engineers.

In other project news, bids for the downtown streetscape project are expected to be opened later this month. That work was expected to have been underway back in late May, but a decision was made to reject all bids and rebid the project.

Stage-by-Stage detour maps

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