Borough launches redesigned web site

Welcome to Middletown Borough’s new, redesigned web site.

We won’t call this the culmination of months of work, because “culmination” would imply this is the end result, or finished product. This is no such thing. Rather this is the framework for what will be a “living document.”

From the beginning, our goal has been to make the site easier to use, easier to get around. One of the biggest complaints we heard about the old site was that it was difficult, at best, to find things. To that end, we have tried to better organize the content and to create a navigation system that helps make it easier to find what you are looking for.

The new left side navigation bar now contains submenus for each category, making it easier to go directly to the main pages of each section. Within each section, the new left sidebar contains section specific links to make it easier to drill down for more information.

Another new feature, which will be expanding, is the addition of easy to complete “fillable” pdf versions of many Borough forms such as building permit applications, park pavilion reservation forms, and more.

Right now, you will find those forms linked from within the sections they pertain to. In the very near future we will be adding a Forms Library page that will serve as a central repository for all the forms available on the site.

Also new is a full section devoted to the Middletown Borough Police Department, including department contact information, a roster of officers that includes their individual contact information, as well as information about the Police Department’s Code of Ethics.

The Borough Council section now includes vote history pages for all Council members to allow you to see at a glance how they voted on key measures.

Not everything that was on the old site will be making the move to the new site. The directory of Borough businesses will be moving to the soon to launch web site for the new Middletown Business Association. The Middletown Area Historical Society is redoing their site, too. We will work with them to make all the historical information on the Borough’s old site available for them to use.

Other files from the old site may be added in the future as it continues to evolve. Our emphasis, though, will be on making sure the site provides the tools citizens need to interact with their Borough government and accurate, truthful Borough-related news and information.

We like to think we found all the bugs before we launched this new site. We have spent hours painstakingly clicking every link, trying to make sure they all work and all go where they are supposed to. If you run across a broken link we missed, or have other comments, suggestions, or feedback about the site, feel free to e-mail Director of Communications Chris A. Courogen.