Per Chapter 113, Article 1 of the Borough's Code of Ordinances, a building permit is required before erecting, constructing, enlarging, altering, moving, renovating, removing, converting, or demolishing any building or structure in the Borough.

Separate building permits must be obtained for each building or structure involved.

Permits are not required for repairs, service maintenance work, or in-kind replacement at any existing residential dwelling, or associated accessory building, where:

  • The aggregate value of the repair(s) or service work is equal to or less than $1,000;
  • work is to be conducted by the owner or occupant themselves, with no assistance by a building contractor and/or construction professional;
  • The work does not alter the structural, plumbing or electric system or primary or ancillary use of the building and/or structure;
  • The work does not alter the mechanical system(s) functionality and/or includes only in-kind replacement of mechanical system(s) device(s);
  • The work does not alter the ingress/egress and/or accessibility capabilities of the structure
  • Painting does not require a permit. However, the application of any siding (brick, block, stone, coating or facing of any type, shingles, aluminum or composition siding, etc.) and the installation or construction of any type of permanent awnings, storm doors, storm windows, window boxes, planters, covered carports, swimming pools, chimneys, retaining walls, porches and fences do require a permit.

    Permits are required for any sidewalks, curbs, driveways, patios or carport slabs, but no fee will be charged for the erection or construction of any sidewalks or curbs.

    A single form can be used for both building and zoning permits. That form is available at Borough Hall, or can be downloaded here. Other building, zoning and codes related forms can also be found by visiting the Codes Forms index page. Click here for a Schedule of Fees for building and codes related items.

    For complete building permit rules and regulations, consult Chapter 113 of the Borough's Code of Ordinances.



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